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If you’re a wholesaler than you know that finding and closing deals is the life blood of your game. It’s the engine that makes everything run. When you have the systems and process for finding leads talking to sellers your income changes, your business changes. That is why we exist: To give you the roadmap to finding and closing deals in your market.

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Our world-class content library will transform your skills as a Real Estate Investor.

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Every Guru talks about doing deals, but never how to find them. That stops today. We’ve all walked this path. The only difference is you’re not walking it alone.

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Get access to resources that took me years to build up.

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Starting a new wholesaling business? Struggling to find motivated sellers and get leads? Get your investing of off the ground with the courses, community, resources and coaching in the Innerforge launch program.

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We help Wholesalers find more time, consistency, and peace of mind as their business grows.
Ready to stop spinning your wheels? Want to scale without loosing profit? Join The Acquisitions University courses, community, resources and coaching to help your business scale.

Ever growing library of training.

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It's time to stop doing this alone. Join our Weekly Mastermind and network with high-value real estate investors to build your connections.

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Connect with 7 figure Investors through the ProConnect App. Ask your Questions & Get a video reply within 48 hours, or book a coaching session direct with them.

Get a Roadmap to finding deals.

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Learn More About The InnerForge & Ronald Walker

The InnerForge is an education platform designed with the resources, courses and network to guide you through Wealth Building.

The InnerForge is designed for individuals at every stage of their real estate journey, from beginners to experienced investors. Whether you’re just starting out or looking to take your skills to the next level, The InnerForge has the content and resources you need to succeed.

With a one-time purchase of $999, you’ll gain access to our platform and all of its benefits forever. That includes regular updates all designed to help you grow your skills and knowledge.

ProConnect is a feature that allows you to connect directly with professionals in your industry, giving you the opportunity to ask questions and receive expert answers within 48 hours. You can send your question via video, text, or voice message and receive the answer in the format you asked.

Ronald Walker is a recognized leading voice in the real estate investing community and is driven by his passion to inspire others to level up their confidence and forge a life of freedom through real estate. With his expertise and guidance, you’ll receive the training, knowledge, and mindset you need to succeed.

We're on a mission to educate 100,000 real estate investors.

To Teach 100,000 men how to thrive financially, relationally, physically investing in real estate. The 100k project is an ambitions challenge to equip men to be the change in their families, communities and business. To create legacies on man at a time.

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